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Care at Home

"I don't know what I would do without Crossroads. They have never let me down. If my back was to the wall, I know they would move Heaven and Earth to help me. That may sound like an exaggeration but that's been my experience and that's how I feel."

Supporting Carers at Home

In the home, our Carer Support staff do whatever the carer would have been doing at the time to meet the needs of the sick or disabled person. Staff are trained in the use of hoists and safe techniques for moving and handling people with mobility needs. We may also be able to provide help with specialist care tasks provided the staff member has undergone the appropriate training, for example, assisting with artificial feeding. In the case of the terminally ill, we complement the nursing care provided by specialist and community nurses.
comfortCare at home is usually limited to a few hours per week on a regular basis. During this time the carer is free to do what they wish, for example go shopping, socialise or attend a class. Sometimes, the carer may simply want to talk to share the burden of providing constant care to a loved one.
We do not discriminate on any grounds and care for people with a wide range of disabilities, both physical and mental. However, we reserve the right not to provide a service if, on assessment, the health or safety of Crossroads staff may be compromised.

The Benefit

We know that those who care for a sick or disabled person are determined to provide the best care possible for their loved one. Sadly, the demands of full time care inevitably lead to fatigue and stress. The few hours respite Crossroads can provide allows carers to take a short break and "recharge their batteries".

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